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If you didn’t have challenges, you wouldn’t have successes.

How do you overcome obstacles, particularly those facing businesses and their owners in today’s environment? It takes thoughtful creativity with a thorough attention to detail. It takes global knowledge tempered with regional expertise. More importantly, it takes a spirit of optimism that we all share. Whether you’re looking for basic healthcare solutions, comprehensive human resources management, business insurance, risk management strategies or retirement plan consulting, Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting will provide the guidance you need to reach your goals and compete successfully.

Is social media usage increasing your risk of identity theft?

Numerous online security and data breaches have grabbed the headlines recently — and they will continue to happen. Therefore, it’s important to continually evaluate your online security habits. Hackers can use data posted on social media to engage in identity fraud, social engineering schemes and more. Here are some tips you can use to secure your data on social media platforms.


We are proud to present Hired with a grant as part of the Legacy of Caring program

After a nomination from Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting (ABRC), the staffing company Hired received a $9,000 grant from Westfield Insurance Foundation as part of the Westfield Legacy of Caring program. ABRC and Westfield are committed to giving back to their communities and helping those in need. The Legacy of Caring program invests in communities and helps impact disaster recovery, family stability or safety, and programs that invest in attracting and developing talent to insurance as a career.