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What you need to know before terminating an employee

Without a legitimate business reason coupled with sufficient documentation to support a termination, employees’ claims that they were terminated for unlawful reasons can be difficult, time consuming and costly to dispute. While there is no way to eliminate legal exposure to employees’ claims, there are ways for employers to significantly reduce their exposure when terminating employees. This article covers five ways you can reduce your exposure to claims for unlawful termination. 

eBook: Medicare and employers

More employees are working past age 65 instead of retiring, and many employers are wondering: Does the employee’s Medicare eligibility affect the employer’s benefit programs? This eBook addresses the most common questions we receive regarding issues such as eligibility, entitlement, health plan design and enrollment, employee education, and more. Register for our Nov. 7 webinar "How to explain the Medicare puzzle to your employees aged 65+ and still working" to learn how Medicare affects your organization, your employees and your benefit plans.

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Artificial intelligence offers great potential for HR

Artificial intelligence is a growing aspect of HR, but still in somewhat of an early stage. As human capital management (HCM) technology further develops its solutions, it will be looking to incorporate this technology in a variety of ways.  Overall, AI is being used to reduce low-level and administrative tasks to leave more time for HR strategy, engagement, and employee development. It is also being used to reduce bias in the recruiting process and evaluate predictive data to drive business outcomes for the organization.