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Updated: How employers can prevent and prepare for coronavirus

We have updated the "Insurance and employee benefit considerations" section of this article, and we will continue to make updates as they become available. While the headlines about COVID-19 may be alarming, employers can be proactive by taking a calm and practical approach to mitigate and respond to the unique risks the pandemic continues to pose to their organizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued interim guidance to help employers respond to COVID-19. Employers should be prepared to prevent infection from entering and spreading in their organizations as well as to answer employee questions about the organization’s readiness plan and how their health plan coverage and other employee benefits will address their needs during this pandemic.

As ransomware threats increase, take action to protect your organization

Ransomware remains high on the list of cyber threats that organizations, both large and small, must prevent and respond to every month. A new bout of ransomware has rolled in with 2020, including sophisticated new threats that target both businesses and government institutions. The Beazley Group’s 2019 Beazley Breach Briefing found that small-to-midsized businesses are at the largest risk because they tend to spend less on information security.

Threat Intelligence: Coronavirus scams, tax season threats, new ransomware attacks, and more

Coronavirus-related cyber threats are the big news in this edition of Threat Intelligence, as cyber criminals exploit the public's fear of this disease. Also, tax season cyber risks, new ransomware attacks, Emotet Trojan scams and other cyber threats are included in the report.