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Building-block considerations for onsite/near-site clinic programs

For decades, rising healthcare costs have been a consistent topic of conversation, particularly for employers concerned with enhancing worker productivity, reducing medical costs and meeting occupational health and safety needs. One solution which has arisen with increasing frequency is the establishment of employer-sponsored clinics (or “onsite/near-site” clinics). With this solution, however, comes many considerations and challenges for employers.

Threat Intelligence highlights from November

This month's Threat Intelligence Report is about a large hotel chain that reports an “unauthorized access” to its customer database since 2014, exposing data of 500 million guests; a vulnerability in a postal service site that left 60 million customers exposed for more than a year; a third-party vendor breach that exposes data of millions of healthcare patients; a new report that profiles notorious MageCart cyber criminals; court documents that reveal first-ever indictment on ransomware charges; and a bundled pack that makes SamSam and other ransomware easier for hackers to obtain and deploy.

Medical marijuana: Can therapeutic use and treatment be covered under health plans?

During the November 2018 elections, several states approved the usage of medical marijuana. Numerous other states allow access to products with cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from the cannabis plant, but with low to no THC content (the psychoactive component). As medical practitioners start prescribing it more often for a variety of maladies, cannabis (or some form of it) will become present in the workplace. The next question employers will ask: Can we cover it under our health plans?