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Hands-free driving law creates potential exposures and legal implications for employers

On August 1, 2019, the expanded “hands-free” technology-while-driving law went into effect in the State of Minnesota. This means when a motor vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic (yes, that means while stopped at a stoplight), the driver is prohibited from using a wireless communication device without hands-free technology. Penalties are $50 for a first offence (plus court fees) and $275 for each offense thereafter. 

The opioid crisis and its costs

U.S. employers are not immune from the effects of the opioid crisis. The potential workplace impacts which stem from employee opioid abuse include an increase in employee absenteeism, excessive sick day use, low productivity, mistakes, errors and accidents, workplace stress, increase in healthcare costs, and high employee turnover. Because of these negative effects, many employers have decided to take a proactive approach to combat these problems.

10 emerging benefits you should consider for your company: A teaser

Enhanced vacation benefits are just one emerging benefit that I’ll be discussing in an upcoming webinar called 10 Emerging Benefits You Should Consider For Your Company. I’ll outline the types of ways an employer could offer this type of benefit, and which employers it might be a good fit for. Another benefit I’ll discuss is the Individual Coverage HRA, or “ICHRA,” which is a type of health reimbursement arrangement that can reimburse individual health insurance premiums.