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Prepare your organization for the culture shift from annual review to employee experience

When we talk with small to mid-sized employers today about the performance review process, we often hear how important it is, but that it needs improvement. Employers offer multiple reasons for why performance reviews don’t work today and acknowledge that moving to something else often requires organizational culture and process changes that may be challenging to make.

When weather goes bad: Wage and hour considerations

Tornadoes. Blizzards. Hail storms. Ice storms. Bad weather is just, well, bad. Not only is it annoying but it can really affect an organization's ability to function, especially if the workplace can’t open or employees can't get to it. But bad weather may not mean that payroll concerns stop being an issue.

How do I understand and manage my diabetic costs and risks?

Diabetic costs are often a huge cost driver and worrisome impending financial risk for employer-sponsored health plans. Plan members that do not manage their blood glucose can incur huge costs for an employer plan. This article aims to provide a more detailed and clinical perspective to how employers might understand and impact their diabetic spend.