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eBook: Executive benefits for law firms: Attracting and retaining top talent

High associate turnover is costly, distracting, and unproductive for law firms. To recruit and retain the right mid-level associates, partners, and other staff, law firms must provide short- and long-term incentives that align with their culture and goals in order to create a professional environment crucial to the success of the firm's attorneys. Benefits and related services need to mesh with the entire compensation structure for all levels, from junior associate through full partner.

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Student loan repayment: A flexible benefit to solve your current HR initiatives

In today’s competitive talent marketplace, student loan assistance is an emerging benefit that any company can offer to encourage the younger generation to join or stay with their company. How a company can implement this can vary greatly. There are plenty of examples of unique offerings of this benefit, but this article focuses on three common HR initiatives that you might have on your plate for 2019: recruiting, retaining, and engagement.

Changes to your employee benefits offerings may have changed your compliance obligations

You made it through another plan renewal and open enrollment season, likely following months of planning and decisions about potential changes to plan design, benefit offerings, carriers, funding, and cost sharing. There is another important step that many employers miss. Have you determined whether the decisions you made changed your compliance obligations as the employer plan sponsor?