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Risks and rewards of engaging employees with mobile devices

The world of HR is changing at a rapid pace, and at the core of the change is the need to attract, engage, and retain exceptional talent to allow your business to innovate and grow. The demand to attract the next generation of workers and then engage them throughout their tenure can be made easier by the use of HR technology. 

Benefits during leave: A methodical approach

The most common questions we get on the HR Hotline relate to employees’ leaves of absence, and a large percentage of those questions have to do with employee benefits during that leave. Part of the reason why this is such a tricky topic is because the answer to these questions can come from a variety of different places. Moreover, not all of these sources give the same answer.

Minnesota employers: New work comp rules related to medical fees and services is now in effect

Just as you can rely on the sands of time passing, so too can you rely upon periodic adjustments to Minnesota’s workers’ compensation law. Some of the financial updates are to keep costs in line with inflation, while other changes were a result of recent changes to the law. Regardless, we’ve got a breakdown of the changes.