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Improved wellness. Controlled costs. That’s a win-win.

With healthcare costs spiraling upward in the market, Rockline Industries turned to us for a proactive long-term strategy.

“Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting used actuarial analytics to project cost containment, then designed a plan that features a wellness clinic that offers low-cost medical services and care provided by licensed medical professionals. We have better visibility on our claims and are happy to provide this lower cost wellness solution to our employees. It gives us a unique tool to offer to employees and potential candidates that will aid in recruitment and retention.”

    – Barb Thode, Corporate Benefits Manager

It takes more than wellness campaigns to improve your employee's health.

You’ll hear a lot of talk about wellness plans, but the truth is that most of them produce only superficial results. We use proprietary analytics that take your demographics and corporate culture into consideration. The result is a long-term plan with customized goals and metrics. Our team of specialists will then engage your team — providing the guidance and training that encourages healthier lifestyles and more informed health-related decisions.

It's possible to have an effective and compliant wellness program.

Implementing a compliant wellness program that delivers results can be challenging. While there are challenges, there are several opportunities. You now have the ability to increase the amount of the rewards that can be provided under such programs to be more comprehensive and go beyond merely testing. In doing so, you provide greater incentives and opportunities for employees and their families to improve their health.

Still, without knowing boundaries of the law, you may inadvertently build a wellness program that could land you in hot water. Multiple regulations must be considered prior to launching any wellness initiatives. You need someone to help you find the balance between having strong incentives and the limitations of the law.

We offer many wellness program services that not only help employers develop effective wellness programs, but keep your program compliant with multiple laws and regulations.

Healthcare claims are just the beginning.

Traditionally, risk managers and human resources departments have had wildly different agendas — with little overlap. But their goals are more closely aligned than you might think. There is a very real risk associated with employee health — unhealthy employees are less productive, they have higher health premiums and their workers’ compensation expenses are significantly higher.

We can help you design a well-crafted wellness program that improves your risk management while helping human resources improve your company’s health and morale. The result? A healthier bottom line.

Your ultimate goal should be a healthier workforce.

Healthy employees are happier employees. They take less time off. They are more productive. They even make fewer trips to visit their healthcare providers. When they do use medical services, healthier individuals usually require far less expensive treatments and procedures — a benefit that goes directly to your bottom line.

Reducing the impact of healthcare should be an ongoing strategy. We can help you improve the wellness of your workforce, as well as the financial health of your company.

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