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Critical insurance issues for high-net-worth families and individuals

A comprehensive and robust personal insurance plan is an integral part of a personal risk management strategy. Decisions regarding your personal risk management strategy should be made with the advice of a professional insurance agent who has experience working in the high-net-worth marketplace. 

Threat Intelligence: New ransomware targets corporate environment, critical security patches, and the threat of cyber attacks against the financial sector

Read about today's most urgent security risks in the Threat Intelligence highlights from September where we reveal current cyber events that impact both businesses and individuals, including new ransomware that targets corporate environments, critical security patches, and the threat of cyber attacks against the financial sector.

eBook: Are you mitigating cyber risks related to your suppliers, vendors and partners?

As businesses become more interconnected, the risk of a third-party data breach at your organization becomes more imminent. It’s no longer enough to simply secure your organization’s network systems and data. Your risk management program needs to look beyond the perimeter of your organization to properly vet the third-party vendors who have access to your networks and data. Fortunately, your organization can take certain steps to minimize exposure, reduce the likelihood of a third-party breach and mitigate potential damages.

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