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Threat Intelligence highlights: Cyber attacks target individuals as well as business, education, and religious organizations

May Threat Intelligence highlights include cyber attacks on Microsoft’s SharePoint software, Windows 10, various business applications, online college bookstores, tax accounting software, and even a church. 

Prevent ladder-related injuries one step at a time

Ladders are used at work locations everywhere on a daily basis. They seem like a simple tool that most don’t think twice about using, but they can be very dangerous if not used properly or given the once-over before each use. Most of these accidents occur due to a failure to follow basic ladder safety. To help prevent ladder injuries, practice the following safety tips.

Employees remain the “weakest link” in cybersecurity

Whether by accident or on purpose, employees are often the root cause of successful cyberattacks. Accidental publication of confidential information by employees and insider attacks have the greatest impact. Employers should constantly emphasize the critical nature of data security. Regularly scheduled refresher training courses should be established in order to instill the data security culture of your organization.