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Is robo-advisor just a novelty, or can it provide real value?

Perhaps the best analogy for a robo-advisor is the self-driving car: it’s cool and impressive — sometimes even useful — but in many situations the technology can be incompatible or downright dangerous. Robo-advisors can provide useful advice to the small-balance investor who wants to get pointed in the right direction, but if you are beyond this point, proceed with caution. 

Number 4 on OSHA’s Most Cited Violations list: Respiratory protection

Each year the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases the Top 10 Most Cited Violations of safety and health standards, and in this article series we are discussing violations at the top of the list. This month’s article is about the fourth most frequently cited violation: respiratory protection. 

Question: Are you indemnifying too much? Answer: Probably

“If we get sued, you get sued!” Sounds warm and comforting, right? I bet you cannot wait to partner or contract with a company that already has litigation on its mind. Nevertheless, these types of statements are common, and once formalized by lawyers, are called “indemnification clauses.” They are often necessary but can be very broad and potentially catastrophic to your business.