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Diversity and inclusion: Holiday decorations and parties

While decorations and parties can potentially have a positive effect on employee morale, they are often tempered by the competing interests of promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace and the attendant risk of a religious discrimination claim. So how does an employer navigate its way down Candy Cane Lane without running afoul of state and federal civil rights laws?

Are you retaining and storing the Form I-9 correctly?

Employers must have an Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) for every person on their payroll who is required to complete it. The next steps are to  determine how long to keep your I-9 Forms, how to store them, and what to do if the government asks to inspect your forms. Not only is compliance essential for a government inspection, but also ensuring that any corresponding documentation with personal information stays out of the wrong hands — since the forms collect personal information about your employees.

How healthy is your organization? Addressing mental health in the workplace

Mental illness is a prevalent concern for many in our society, and the workplace is no different. Recently, employers have become more involved in the discussion on mental illness. They understand it impacts one of their most valuable resources — their people.  Without engaged and healthy employees, many other areas of a business may also suffer. Employers can take proactive steps to address mental health in the workplace by providing  educational information, resources for getting help, and creating a supportive culture for mental health.