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Trend Study: MarketPulse 2019

Introducing our 2019 MarketPulse trend report, where we discuss what our clients and other employers are doing to manage risks, promote employee productivity and morale, reduce costs and improve their organizations as a whole. In this issue, we explore retirement plans featuring target date funds as well as specialty drugs, cyber risk, predictive modeling, workplace well-being, advanced data analytics, the cost of large and often ongoing medical claims, and various emerging trends. In addition to a discussion of each trend, you will find supporting materials at

Download the PDF: MarketPulse 2019

Have annual performance evaluations become obsolete?

For many employers they have become obsolete and for others they still exist, but only as a small part of a much grander process. However, there are still some employers who continue to only evaluate their employees once per year – either because they have determined that once a year is sufficient or because they haven’t considered other options. Unfortunately, the annual performance evaluation by itself seldom provides any benefit, is often dreaded by managers and employees alike, and can be incredibly time consuming.

Something or nothing? The IRS’ narrow approval of a 401(k) student loan repayment benefit

For a few grand and the patience of Job, you can receive a tailored response to your burning 401(k) plan questions autographed by the Internal Revenue Service. This is the Private Letter Ruling (PLR) program. Plan sponsors may seek a PLR to validate a plan term, procedure or practice that is otherwise firmly planted in a gray area of the law. PLRs are plan-specific and do not set precedent. That means that only the plan sponsor to whom the PLR is addressed may rely on that particular ruling.