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Effective leadership is not accidental

Managers are hired or promoted into elevated roles within an organization to fulfill specific duties, including overseeing the tasks assigned to others. Often times the decision to place managers in these elevated positions does not take into consideration whether or not they have the skills and tools necessary to effectively communicate with, direct and guide their subordinates. A leader, on the other hand, is a person who inspires and directs people. 

The Opportunity Zone program: A great way to make tax-advantaged investments while supporting underserved communities

The 2017 tax overhaul bill received a lot of attention for its changes to the tax treatment of real estate and other asset classes. The bill’s “Investing in Opportunity Act” didn’t receive nearly as much attention at the time, but investors are starting to warm to the possibilities of tax-advantaged, socially impactful real estate investments through the Opportunity Zone program.

The 5 Second Rule: Transforming your thoughts and actions at work and home

Whether you are a sales person, coach, community volunteer, parent, or otherwise, Mel Robbins’ universal principles will apply. And because at Associated Benefits and Risk Consulting we know our clients and community strive for more, we hope you will find Robbins’ message on April 23-25 transforming. If you haven’t already, register for one of the three Leaders Forum events.