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Risk management, liability, and work comp considerations related to COVID-19

As concerns about containing the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continue to grow around the world, and particularly here in the U.S., a careful review of your business continuity plans and risk management strategies — as well as any related liabilities and insurance policies — should be included in your readiness and response preparations. Here we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients on risk management, liability, and workers’ compensation in connection with a potential pandemic outbreak. These questions and answers may change based on new guidance and developments.

Late winter and spring risks: Tips for reducing risk and avoiding injury

As winter ends and spring begins to show its face, employers should not take their eye off of winter risk. Warmer days cause snow and ice to melt and re-freeze, often causing black ice and extremely smooth and oftentimes very hard to see slick spots. Here are a few things to remember this time of year.

Ensure fleet safety to reduce risks behind the wheel

While driving can be dangerous, there are many things employers can and should do to eliminate unnecessary injuries by reducing the factors within their control. In addition to having a comprehensive fleet safety program, employers can consider the following risk-management measures. Any efforts that reduce the risk of an accident are efforts worthy of your time. It is in everyone’s best interests for you to continuously evaluate ways to minimize these risks and protect people from unnecessary injury.