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Thinking of exporting? Consider trade credit insurance

Many companies are reluctant to get involved in exporting their products for the simple reason that they may not get paid. However, there is a solution: trade credit insurance. This type of insurance can be set up to cover a specific shipment, a series of shipments to a specific customer, all of a firm’s overseas shipments, or can be extended to cover its domestic shipments.

Ask the Safety Hotline: Driving personal vehicles for work purposes

There are many situations when employees drive their personal vehicles to perform business-related tasks or activities: travel between worksites, client visits, transportation of clients, travel home from work-related events and even quick stops to pick-up food for a meeting. It is important to consider the risks that such activities can create.

Social engineering fraud: Protect your intangible assets

This year, there are a lot of scary statistics related to social engineering fraud. A 2017 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Public Service Announcement stated that between January 2015 and December 2016 there was a 2,370 percent increase in identified exposed losses by social engineering. Social engineering can be a very effective way for a criminal to steal your digital assets, and organizations should do everything they can to protect them.

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