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Minnesota employers: New work comp rules related to medical fees and services is now in effect

Just as you can rely on the sands of time passing, so too can you rely upon periodic adjustments to Minnesota’s workers’ compensation law. Some of the financial updates are to keep costs in line with inflation, while other changes were a result of recent changes to the law. Regardless, we’ve got a breakdown of the changes.

Stay safe and minimize losses in the wake of Hurricane Florence

Uninsured flood loss from Hurricane Florence is estimated to be between $13 billion and $18.5 billion. Why the large number? Flood damage is excluded on most homeowners policies, and most homeowners do not buy stand-alone flood insurance due to its high cost. While grants and loans from FEMA will help somewhat, much of the loss from Hurricane Florence will be borne by the property owners. Therefore, it’s critical to do all you can to minimize losses now while ensuring the safety of your family.

Do you have a disaster plan to protect your family?

Being disaster ready is not limited to businesses. Individuals and families also need to plan ahead in order to be prepared when disaster strikes. How will you get everyone out of the house safely? How will you access important family records? How will you get back up on your feet and to return to work?