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5 overlooked insurance considerations for mergers and acquisitions

Merger and acquisition (M&A) deals can be complicated. Extensive research and preparation must be completed prior to the closing of the deal to ensure there are no hidden liabilities or gaps in insurance coverage. When preparing for an M&A, it is crucial to understand how the buyer’s and seller’s insurance programs will respond to a change in control. In order to avoid saddling your combined company with uninsured liabilities, you must be knowledgeable about your insurance policies and how each might be modified in a merger and acquisition transaction. Consider the following before completing an M&A deal.

Hazard communication remains second on OSHA’s most frequently cited violations list

In an article last month, we discussed OSHA’s most frequently cited violation last year: fall protection. This month we are tackling the second most frequently cited violation on the list: hazard communication. While we have covered this topic recently, there’s more to know about an effective hazard communication and prevention program, especially for employers in Minnesota.

Minnesota work comp changes

Staying on top of legal updates can be challenging, and deciphering what those changes mean for your business may prove even more difficult. Recently, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill into law updating the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act. Below are some of the major changes and the impact you, the employer, may realize from these updates.