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Ask the Safety Hotline: What winter weather responsibilities should I be aware of?

Snow days were a highlight of winter when many of us were children, but now winter weather presents a host of difficulties for employers. There are safety concerns, OSHA regulations to comply with, potential liability risks, attendance confusion and pay-related issues. It’s important to be prepared for all scenarios associated with inclement weather before the weather arrives, and to make sure employees are properly informed of all relevant policies and procedures.

Have you covered your bases when it comes to OSHA compliance?

Effective OSHA compliance can offer many advantages to organizations. Complying with OSHA standards can reduce your workers’ compensation costs by helping you eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and making your company a safer place to work. Compliance also means you are less likely to prompt inspections from an OSHA compliance officer stemming from employee complaints. 

How technology can help with the administration and management of your safety program

There are great software options available that can help you administer and manage your safety program and OSHA compliance. These programs will reduce your data entry, build multiple functionalities and benchmarks, and track and document your training for OSHA. Here are some suggestions on how to approach finding, evaluating and purchasing safety management software.

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