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Prevent ladder-related injuries one step at a time

Ladders are used at work locations everywhere on a daily basis. They seem like a simple tool that most don’t think twice about using, but they can be very dangerous if not used properly or given the once-over before each use. Most of these accidents occur due to a failure to follow basic ladder safety. To help prevent ladder injuries, practice the following safety tips.

Business travel: Equip employees with safety and risk management strategies

If your employees travel for business, they should be prepared for more than just business. Employers should be well aware of the risks they are asking employees to face when traveling. Employers should help ensure the safety of their business travelers — and reduce liability concerns for the organization — by planning ahead.

It’s the PITs: The Powered Industrial Truck standard is #7 on OSHA’s naughty list

In fiscal year 2018, OSHA issued over 2,000 citations and more than $6 million in total penalties for violations of the Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) standard. PIT use presents many potential hazards, including property damage and driver and pedestrian injury or fatality. OSHA statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year. To address potential hazards, OSHA developed a comprehensive PIT standard that addresses operator training, maintenance and inspection, and safe operation. Key elements of each of these components are outlined in this article.